Anett Gläsel-Maslov

Themenschwerpunkt: Digitale Bildung

Twittername: @ideentraeger


Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch

Stadt: Bochum

Land: Deutschland

Themen: women in tech, vr, virtual reality, augmented reality, public relations, social impact, learning & innovation, technologie, schule, digitale bildung, innovation, technology, presse, pressearbeit, kinder und medien, public speaking, bildung und technik, educational technology, zukunft der bildung, bildung, schulentwicklung, ar


Anett Gläsel-Maslov ist PR & Communications Manager und hat sich auf PR & Events im Bereich innovative Technologien spezialisiert. Sie wurde 1980 in Leipzig geboren und erhielt an der Universität Leipzig ihren M.A. in Journalistik, Anglistik und Germanistik. Seit 2013 hat sie die internationale PR für Metaio, dem Augmented Reality-Spezialisten, aufgebaut. Seit 2016 firmiert sie unter Ideentraeger - PR & Communications. Sie war bis 2019 unter anderem für die Kommunikation der DIGILITY ( & das Event Management der BDML Conference verantwortlich. Seit März 2019 ist sie als Lehrerin an einer Gesamtschule in Bochum tätig und referiert über das Thema Digitale Bildung & Medien im Bereich Schule.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Re-publica 2014

Lightning talk at re-publica 2014, representing Metaio.

DLD Women Munich 2014

The secret of Augmented Reality (AR) is, that it´s very easy to use. It gives the user a concrete image of an idea, is exciting and entertaining – the recipe for success.

Some companies already use AR for advertisement, for instance IKEA, LEGO, McDonald´s, Audi and more. The question is: What else can be realized? The technique makes it possible to create a new reality, a mixture between the material and digital world. A camera recognizes real world pictures and collimates them with virtual information – simply with smart phones or smart glasses.

Future questions of AR-publishment are inter alia the decision between programming vs. non-programming, online vs. offline and own app vs. app-browser. While the AR-technique will establish itself in the advertising strategies, these questions are going to be answered.

DIGILITY 2016: Creating Marketing and Public Relations for the Next Big Thing

Upcoming talk at DIGILITY 2016 in Cologne, September 23:
This talk will cover the Do's and Don’ts in communications for companies that market products and services for emerging technologies and will give you insights into effective international PR and Social Media strategies for VR and AR. How do you effectively communicate technology concepts that no-one has seen before and how do you bring them to the masses?

Google Munich Women Techmakers

Google's Women Techmakers program provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

My talk was called "I'm an alien - An unsual story of a woman in tech" giving insights into an unsual vita and experiences I made in the tech industry.