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Anika Lindtner

Anika Lindtner
rails girls
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women in tech community management pädagogik gender studies rails girls open source berlin rails girls summer of code community social media motivation diversity

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Hat Linguistik und Gender Studies studiert. Arbeitet bei Travis CI und leitet die Travis Foundation. Co-Founder von Rails Girls Berlin und Core Team von Rails Girls Summer of Code. Verliebt in die Heimatstadt Berlin, Urban Gardening und dicke Katzen.

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How to get a director, a french philologist and a photographer to write code for three months?

How to get more women into Open Source?

How to get them more visible? And on stage? With Rails Girls Summer of Code we achieved all that.

I’m talking about last year’s RGSoC and why we are going to do it again this year.

What we can achieve in one summer and what we can’t.

How to get a dozen sponsored full-time scholarships in under three weeks. How to change some lives. And why.

The story of Rails Girls Summer of Code - or: How to get from a dream to 19 sponsored scholarships in under 3 months

A talk about the crazy journey that ended in a real life Rails Girls Summer of Code! A summer that started July 2013: With 19 sponsored students working on Open Source projects and changing their lives.