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Themenschwerpunkt: Female Leadership & Tech

Webseiten/Blogs: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhorstmann , https://thebetter.org

Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch

Stadt: Bonn

Bundesland: Nordrhein-Westfalen

Land: Deutschland

Themen: agile, remote work, leadership, strategie, open source, change management, organisationsentwicklung, gender equality, strategy, culture, diversity, unternehmenskultur, geschlechtergerechtigkeit, okr, skalierung

Ich biete: Vortrag, Moderation, Seminarleitung, Beratung, Training, Interview

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Persönliche Anmerkung:

Seit 20 Jahren spreche ich auf Events zu den Themen Sicherheit, Softwareentwicklung, User Experience, Datenschutz, Freie Software, Agilität, Remote Work, Organisationsentwicklung, Change Management und last but not least: Female Leadership!


Unternehmerin, Gründerin, Leader, Sparring Partnerin und Mentorin - Jutta skaliert Organisationen und organisiert den Wandel, etabliert und unterstützt eine positive, moderne Unternehmenskultur.

Mit Leidenschaft ist sie Feministin, wirbt für Freie Software und nachhaltiges Wirtschaften.

25 Jahre IT-Erfahrung: Nach verschiedenen technischen Rollen gründete Jutta 2006 ihre eigene Software- und Consulting-Firma und hielt sie über 10 Jahre auf einem erfolgreichen Wachstumskurs.
Im Anschluss leitete sie die Kölner Firma eyeo als Geschäftsführerin (COO und CTO) bis Ende 2022. In dieser Zeit skalierte sie die Firma von 100 auf 250 Mitarbeiter*innen weltweit.

Aktuell hat Jutta sich eine Auszeit genommen - um zu reflektieren und frischen Wind in den Kopf zu bekommen.
Parallel nimmt sie gerne Beratungsaufträge oder Interim Management Positionen an - mehr dazu auf https://thebetter.org.

Seit 20 Jahren spricht sie regelmäßig auf internationalen Events und Konferenzen.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

2023 | Keynote (internal): 10 einfache Tricks für mehr Diversität im Team (10 easy tricks for more diversity in your teams)

Keynote for AKDB (Anstalt für Kommunale Datenverarbeitung in Bayern), Munich:
AKDB invited me to open their yearly Entwickler:innentage (developer days) with a keynote on diversity in agile teams.
With a staff of several hundreds in technical roles, developer days are one of their means to share knowledge, learn about best practices, and improve their agile collaboration.
Diversity for sure is a key topic here - both as a challenge and as a success factor - and I was happy to see that this was appreciated by leadership and staff.
In my talk I shared "10 einfache Tricks für mehr Diversität im Team" (10 easy tricks for more team diversity), which were strongly enriched by the engaged audience, sharing their best practices, learnings and struggles.

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2023 | Keynote: Vom Start up zum Grown up - Unternehmenswachstum und die feministische Transformation.

In a conversation with Ursula Vranken, I shared my experiences in making a career in tech, building and scaling companies like eyeo and Data in Transit.
We discussed the need for a Feminist Transformation in today's companies and how the system needs to change - not the women.

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2022 | Keynote (internal): Leading without hierarchies

Keynote given for FGS Global (internal), Berlin:
The keynote introduced young leaders to agile concepts of lateral leadership and cross-functional teams.
Leadership principles like servant and situational leadership highlighted approaches to motivating teams and individuals.
We defined leadership as "The ability to enable a group of people to reach a shared goal."
The keynote closes with checking into the resilience and mental health and well-being of the young leader.

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2022 | Video (login required): Scaling culture - How to nurture a coherent company culture amidst change and growth

Presentation given at Chief in Tech Summit 2022:
At eyeo, we are a company built around a strong, inclusive culture. A blend of people who share a vision for a better online ecosystem, where content remains widely accessible, and all stakeholders of the internet can profit from a fair, sustainable value exchange. Thus, scaling that culture as we grow, preserving the pieces that make eyeo special, has been one of our most important challenges. The last ten years have seen us embark on the journey from start-up to grown up: we’ve gone from 2 to 14 products, from 16M to 225M users worldwide, from 6 to 250 people, coming from >35 nationalities. And we’re not done: we are working together toward ambitious goals to reach enough market scale to make a lasting impact, all while defending user control and an exceptional user experience.

Thus, we’d like to share some of the experiences we’ve gathered along the way, the complications, the successes, but also offer some insight into the pillars of that culture-scaling as we see it. How do we, as leaders and gatekeepers of the essence of the company's values, preserve what is important about our culture while scaling to accommodate necessary growth? For us, that has meant many things, though specifically four core elements: clarity, story telling, diversity, and breaking down silos with the support of organizational design. We also, more generally, had to learn to embrace change and allow people to grow with the company. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, as we would illustrate in further depth in the presentation. Knowledge is meant to be shared (as any open-source-minded company will attest), and we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with others.

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2021 | Video: From Startup to Grown-Up - The pleasures and pitfalls of scaling an industry disruptor
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Presentation at the Digitale Leute Summit 2021:
Jutta Horstmann took part with her presentation, “From start-up to grown-up. The pleasures and pitfalls of scaling an industry disruptor”, detailing her experiences in helping eyeo grow from a small player with a vision to disrupt the way online advertising works, to establishing eyeo as a large company branching into partnerships and fruitfully carrying through on its promise to help sustain a fair and prosperous online value exchange between users, advertisers, publishers and content creators.

The topic specifically showcased the elements that are important to focus on when scaling in the categories of business, product, organization, and culture. The powerful thing about this formula of scaling is that it has allowed eyeo along with its employees to move from start-up to grown-up without losing a sense of identity, for as she notes, “There’s one thing we don’t want to change, no matter how big we become, and that is that we want to keep disrupting”. She noted how essential change is for a company as it grows, but also how vital it is to stay true to your identity and to growing up together.

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2021 | Video: Opening Keynote - Ad Blocker Dev Summit: 10 Years of Ad Filtering as a Business Model - a look into the engine room
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Opening Keynote for the 2021 Ad Blocker Dev Summit (Remote edition):
During my presentation at this year’s Ad Blocker Developer Summit, I’ll explore eyeo’s holistic approach to ad filtering, taking you on a tour of the engine room powering our products and examining challenges and opportunities facing the business model.

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2020 | Video: Remote control? How to organize work in Corona times and what we can learn from Open Source communities (FrOSCon 2020)
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Presentation given at FrOSCon 2020:
Open Source communities organize themselves for remote, distributed, and asynchronous work.
Companies predominantly prefer colocated and synchronous collaboration.
Keeping offices closed due to Corona, provides a challenge - and opportunity - to combine best of both worlds.

Open Source communities naturally organize themselves for remote, distributed, and asynchronous work. Companies, on the other hand, predominantly prefer colocated and synchronous collaboration. Keeping offices closed due to Corona, provides a challenge - and opportunity - to combine best of both worlds.

At eyeo, we create the Open Source software Adblock Plus. Organizing work as an Open Source community is deeply ingrained in our company's DNA.
Still, as a company, this is not necessarily the best way to collaborate. In the last years we became more agile, more synchronous, and more team-focused.
We try to balance both worlds. With nearly half of our staff working from home, distributed world-wide, we continuously improve remote collaboration. At the same time, we strongly invest in frequent get-togethers and colocated team building.

With Coronavirus hitting Europe, we were very early to close all offices and ban all business travel. With our rich experience in organizing remote work, the crisis hit us by far less than others.

My talk will cover our best practices in combining remote work with an agile mindset, and how we addressed Corona's challenges regarding international collaboration during crisis, supporting staff tasked with homeschooling and child care, and overcoming mental health issues.

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2020 | Video: How The "New Normal" Will Shape The Future Of People Ops And Remote Teams (Running Remote)
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Panel discussion at Running Remote conference 2020, with Jennifer Farris, CHRO @ Terminal, Ali Greene, Founder @ Cohana, Jutta Horstmann, COO @ eyeo.

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2019 | Video: Calmness, Clarity, Compassion - How eyeo applies mindfulness to company culture and collaboration
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Presentation given with Sabina H. Schmitz as part of Creative Mornings Cologne:
“It does not have to be crazy at work!” - At eyeo we want to ensure that our people feel energized and focused. That’s why we constantly improve our ways of working, and provide opportunities to practice mindfulness. In our talk we want to provide some background on why mindfulness is an important concept in a business context. We will also share some personal stories on how we apply mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation in our professional lives.

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2018 | Video: We do Privacy by Design (FrOSCon, St. Augustin)
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With GDPR taking effect in May, it is upping the ante for privacy violations.
How does GDPR affect Open Source Projects? Specifically, how to provide Privacy by Design?
Our talk will provide insights from both the legal and the technical viewpoint.

With GDPR taking effect in May, it is upping the ante for privacy violations.

While most of the discussion around GDPR focusses on companies, we want to present the Open Source projects side of things.

There are a few variations, such as a software company running a community, and a non-profit organization, i.e. an open source software project and its community. We will focus on the first one, while also providing some advice for the latter.

How does GDPR affect Open Source Projects? Specifically, how to provide Privacy by Design?

For some time already, organizations (both companies and Open Source projects) started looking for best practises on how to implement one core concept: Privacy by Design.
Privacy by Design has been around since the Nineties, devised back then by Ann Cavoukian, Canadian Privacy Commissioner. It is about anticipating and preventing privacy issues before a single line of code is written.

This is a concept that is easy to grasp, but hard to implement. Nevertheless, there are plenty of best practices that we can share based on our experiences, implemented in our Open Source software and IT infrastructure, and want to share with a wider audience.

Our talk will provide insights from both the legal and the technical viewpoint.

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2017 | Slides: To the moon and back - Customer Identity and Access Management in a global Drupal setup

Presentation at Drupal Business Days, 2017

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