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Katrin Fritsch

Technologie und Gesellschaft
Meine Biografie:

Katrin Fritsch is a data and society researcher, writer and creative consultant based in Berlin and London. She examines the social construction and cultural understanding of emerging technologies through narratives and metaphors.

Katrin has been a speaker at conferences and festivals such as re:publica, elevate, or NRW Forum. She gives workshops on the social implications of new technologies, for example doing data walks. Katrin is co-founder of the agency Effi Beißt and has consulted on strategies for NGO’s and online-journalism to create awareness for digital human rights. She not only analyses current societal issues, but further interrogates how responses in the context of art and culture can generate a new understanding of digital inequalities.

Meine Vorträge / Referenzen:

New Activists for European Culture

Redefining the way culture is produced, showcased and consumed? Developing new infrastructures for audiences to interact and engage with cultural content? There are multiple proposals to reverse the current relations on personal data between corporations and users. New and innovative systems embrace a form of decentralized identities, cryptocurrency and unlimited interactions.

Blockchain? Culture? Innovation is moving faster than a general understanding of the systems which are being developed worldwide. This session aims to shed a light on current developments in the field of blockchain innovation, culture, music, festivals and societies in general.

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Data Walking: Experiencing Data in Urban Space

Data shapes our perceptions and determines our actions on an everyday basis. It is not easily perceptible, yet surrounding us everywhere. The data walkshop wants to challenge this by creating awareness on layers of data in spaces. We invite you to join our re:publica data walk and to sharpen your senses for the data around you: we walk through, investigate, map and visualise data to finally stimulate new ideas and debates around widespread datafication.