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Lena Bödeker

E-mobilität, Charging, Scooter
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mobility smart city elektromobilität smart cities mobilität der zukunft nachhaltige mobilität sustainability e-mobilität innovation ecosystems

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COO Simple Mobility

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Deutsch Englisch

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SoGal Ventures Global Pitch competiton

I presented Simple Mobility.

Berlin Innovation Agency (BIA): Sustainabiliy Confessions

I represented and introduced the global Startup Weekend Sustainbility Revolution

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Berlin Partner & SIBB: Blockchain Transformation in Mobility and Logistics

Presentation of the collaboration between Simple Mobility, Deutsche Telekom and other Partner companies:
xride - a decentralized emobility ecosystem (A collaborative project by Telekom Innovation Laboratories)

IFA 2019: Success factors of shared mobility services

What will be the futureproof recipe for shared mobility services? How can they become profitable businesses and improve our daily lives? What are the necessary factors to succeed and how can policy makers help to improve them.

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IAA 2019: Mobility as a Service - Key success factors for (scooter) sharing services.

Dieser Vortrag ist auf: Englisch