Mona Mur

Musikerin, Produzentin

Themenschwerpunkt: Game Audio, Musikproduktion

Twittername: @monamurofficial


Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch

Stadt: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: music production, game audio, live entertainment

Ich biete: Vortrag, Moderation, Beratung, Interview

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MONA MUR, Komponistin, Sängerin, Designerin fremdartig-versponnnener bis brachial – unheimlicher elektronischer Klänge und Soundeffekte. 1999 wird sie Lead Audio Artist der Software-Entwickler TERRATOOLS Potsdam – Babelsberg.
Ihre Klänge finden sich in Computerspielen wie "Kane & Lynch2: Dog Days" (EIDOS/SQUARE ENIX), "BALLANCE" (Atari) oder "Velvet Assassin" (UbiSoft Japan). Regisseur Fatih Akin holte drei ihrer Stücke in den Soundtrack seines
vielfach ausgezeichneten Kinofilms "Gegen die Wand". Mona Mur war Speaker auf der Game Developers Conference - GDC 2012 - in San Francisco, Electronic Arts DICE Stockholm, MIGS Montreal und sie ist Lehrbeauftragte für Interactive Sound an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik - HTW Berlin.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

The Art of Non-Music - Crime Shooter Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and its Industrial Terror Ambience

Experimental Sound Research in a AAA major international project:
The action title "Kane & Lynch2:
Dog Days" (IO Interactive/EIDOS) features an original score of psychological
ambient soundscapes instead of conventional ingame music. Over 300 minutes of
abstract, disturbing and complex noise and ambient layers from various unusual
sources create the desired "driving but opressive" atmosphere. "Normal" music only
appears when anchored in the scene. "If we are successful, the audience willperceive this as a game without music, but with a strong sense of the mood in the
environment". (Karsten Lund, Game Director)
1. The background - Industrial Music in the early 80s
2. The mission - "Youtube", "Reality 2.0" : crime shooter "Kane & Lynch 2" and its"Industrial Terror Ambience"
3. The art of noise - how to create a great variety of environmental non-music
4. The workflow - how to brief your external composer well
5. Ideal and reality - Resume
Takeaway: The lecture suggests a "Reality 2.0" audio concept for more mature game titles and genres, gives film- and pop culture references, shows how to createa huge variety of c and recommends ways of communication between developer and
Intended Audience: The session is targeted at game developers, producers, art
directors, publishers, but also at composers, sound designers and audio directors.
There is no profound prerequisite audio-technical knowledge requested but a strong
interest in game audio and the fundamental effects of sound and music in audiovisual
art and media is necessary.
Eligible Passes: All Access Pass, Main Conference Pass, Audio Pass