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Current Topic: Speakerinnen from Vorarlberg

Female Experts on the Topics of Fair Cultural Work and Gender Equality, Elementary Education and Empowerment, Participatory Processes and Empowerment, and much more.

Andrea Spieth
Janine Haemmerle
The art of (un)learning
Stefania Pitscheider Soraperra
frauen und ländlicher raum
Lea Putz-Erath
Lisa Praeg
shaping collaboration
Ursula Hillbrand
transformative leadership
Miriam Comploj
Birgit Blenke
Coaching, Gender / Diversity
Marlene Hronek
gesundheitsförderung und prävention
Mirjam Steinbock
kunst und kultur in österreich
Ruth Swoboda
Angelika Martin
führung in teilzeit
Viviane Manke
Brigitta Soraperra
Bettina Steindl
kultur- und kreativwirtschaft

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Jeanette Müller, Dr.
artistic interventions
Janine Haemmerle
The art of (un)learning
Lelia König
Safety for cyclists
Lisa Fritsch
Voice messages / Media
Andrea Huber
STEM in Education
Sabine Grohs
Marketing, Communikation, Text
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