Andreia R. Camichel Fernandes

Main focus: intercultural management

Twitter handle: @sea_brand

Website/blog: /

Languages: German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

City: Zurich

Country: Switzerland

Topics: leadership, social business, social business development, inspiration, business networking, intercultural communication, unconscious bias, female entrepreneurship, failure, intercultural management, passion and purpose, portfolio career, sustainable design

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

What happens when no one is watching

My TEDx Talk on a personal but leadership related topic.

Podium Discussion

Announcement of my podium discussion for Swiss Business Network Day in September.

Moderation of Event: Art as Investment

Moderation of Event for Young Female Entrepreneurs & Executives on Art as an Investment at Christie's in Zürich.

Moderation of Event

Moderation of Event on India for Young Female Entrepreneurs & Executives in 2015

Gescheitert oder Gescheiter

This talk is in: German
Global Entrepreneurs Week 2017 und 2019

This talk is in: English