Anna Krupitza

Main focus: Comics, Books, Philosophy

Twitter handle: @bunburyscomics


Languages: German, English

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Topics: queer, graphic novels, comics, graffiti, street art, philosophy, books, manga, sequential art, lgbtq+


As I opened a little comic book shop in the 7th district of Vienna, I had quite the journey behind me. From Berlin to Belfast, I travelled a lot, not only meeting the people there, but also learning from them and their lifestyles.
All of this I put into my shop. There are lectures about Philosophy and Batman, we look at the ideal state as described by Platon through the comics of Thor. We talk about feminism, LGBTQ+, plolyamory, along side the creation of comics or the history behind certain characters. Local artists discuss the form of new media.

Breaking old structures (of what a comic book shop is supposed to be) is one of my personal goals, that influeces the concept behind my business.