Dr. Carina Pape

Main focus: ethics * diversity * values

Website/blog: http://carinapape.net

Languages: German, English, Russian, Japanese

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: kant, ethics, gender studies, identity, philosophy, enlightenment, morality, indignation, diversity, otherness, phenomenology, russia


Studies in art history, gender studies, philosophy, literature in Freiburg and Berlin; Erstes Staatsexamen (State examina for teachers: German / philosophy), Ph.D. at the Humboldt-University, Berlin (Chair for practical philosophy, legal and social philosophy); Ph.D. thesis on the Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin ("Autonome Teilhaftigkeit und teilhaftige Autonomie", Wilhelm Fink-Verlag 2015).

My current research topics are values and valuation, categories and categorization, identity, alterity, and diversity. My focus in the history of philosophy is on the 20th century and on the Enlightenment.

I am dedicated to social and political topics (participation, equality) and the communication of research results via social and digital media (podcasts, Blog: http://rdpk.sederstroem.net/blog/).

I was gender equality officer at the Humboldt-University and currently work in a post doc project, daling with the "normative Dimensions of Indignation" at the Europa-University, Flensburg. From March until October 2017 I will do research on "The Value of Diversity" at Kyoto University, Japan (Alexander von Humboldt / JSPS fellowship). Since 2011 I am the head of an independent research group („Russisch-deutscher philosophischer Kreis Berlin“).

Publications on: indignation and reactive attitudes, bias and epistemology, philosophy of education (W. v. Humboldt), women's image in the history of philosophy, Kantian and Husserlian philosophy, gender studies, comparative film analysis, Russian philosophy

Further information: http://carinapape.net

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

papers & lectures (pdf)

Please find some papers and lectures here on the following topics: freedom / Kant / gender / philosophy / Luther / Bildung/education / Humboldt