Eva-Maria Endres

Main focus: food

Languages: German, English

Country: Germany

Topics: food studies, food, social media food

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Sustainability - Food - Digitization

Digital Changemaker Summit 2019, Universität Mannheim
Introduction to sustainable food: The role of digital solution
Eva-Maria Endres, Sustainable Food Academy

The talk will first explain some basics of sustainable food followed by opportunities and challenges of digitization in the food industry, and finally shows some practical examples and food trends in these areas.

Eva Maria Endres is founder and managing director of the event location Diderot – Kultur & Essen in Berlin as well as co-founder of the Slow Food Youth Movement Germany. She studied public health nutrition at the University of Fulda (M.Sc.).

This talk is in: English
The future of food - making trends sustainable

DOC Research Insititute: Dialogue of Civilisations
Panel discussion

See full discussion: https://www.facebook.com/DOCResearchInstitute/videos/493094524552424/

Sustainability is moving from the niche towards the mainstream. More than ever before consumers are questioning the wider environmental and societal impacts of their food choices.

An upsurge in global population and increasing concerns about the impact of existing agricultural methods on climate change mean that business, individuals and policymakers must all consider what can be done to ensure long-term security and sustainability in food production and consumption.

At this Meet in Mitte event hosted by DOC, we will hear from experts and innovators in the food sector who are trying to achieve a more sustainable approach, either in their own businesses or through policy change.

Some questions we will consider include:

How does the food system impact climate change?
What new opportunities for sustainability exist?
Where can businesses, governments and consumers make positive change in their choices?
Are recent innovations more than consumer trends?
What steps need to be taken to create a more resilient food system?

Confirmed speakers include:

Eva-Maria Endres, The Office for Agricultural Policy and Food Culture
Raphael Fellmer, CEO, SIRPLUS
Christiane Sieg, CEO, Der Sache Wegen

This event is suitable for anyone with an interest in food sustainability and is seeking to learn about the impacts in, and innovations of the food sector.

This talk is in: English
Luna Talk "Essen in der Familie"

Warum ist gemeinsames Essen so wichtig? Und wie ernährt man seine Kinder wirklich gesund? Das war das Thema unseres dritten Luna Talks. Bei leckerem Essen und in lockerer Runde griffen wir gemeinsam mit Mama-Bloggern, Agenturen und Branchenkennern das Thema Ernährung in der Familie auf.

Eva-Maria Endres erklärte uns, warum gemeinsames Essen in der Familie zu wichtig ist und wieso es den Zusammenhalt untereinander stärkt.

This talk is in: German