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Julia Bosski

Female Leasdership
My bio:

My name is Julia, im 25 i come from Warsaw and live in Berlin since 7 years. I came here without any knowledge of german, i had no money- i just wanted to move out of Poland and live in Berlin. I started as au pair, i didnt know anyone in Berlin, ive been through few terribly stressful situations when i had to escape from the host fmily and get another job, but i never gave up. my aim was to study in Berlin- i started in 2012 to study American Studies at Freie Univeristy, and at the same time i met my (now ex) boyfriend who indtroduced me into the gastronomy/ supper club/art/ music world in Berlin. I fell in love with his concept and started doing the events with him, soon later, we opened a restaurant together (i was 21), i ran both the event space and the restaurant with him, organiing every week different events. In November 2013 i started my own Supper Club called "Polish Thursday Dinners"- my idea to present the "New Wave" of polish culture and cusine.
Through last few years ive been working as a chef, cafe manager, event mnager, PR manager, jazz singer, but especially as freelance enterpreneur- i registered as a small company last year and develop in the direction of an Event and PR Agency. Fighting with stereotypes and sexism everyday, manifesting female power.

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