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Julia Oschlies

Julia Oschlies
Digital Transformation
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digitale transformation marketing management adblocking native advertising

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Dear reader,
Upon completing my bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing, I am near completing my master studies in International Marketing Management (teaching language English, so expect some flawless pronounciation). After doing an estimated amount of 2,573 speechs/presentations at university and watching a total of 83 hours of TED, I am now ready to hit the wonderful world of events to give captivating, relevant talks on the topics, you'll find below.

- Digital Transformation (The digital change is now and not in the future)
- Native Online Advertising Formats (How can marketers succeed in delivering interesting, noninvasive ads to respective target groups?)
- Adblocking in Germany: Background, Development, Approaches

Oh, and if you need someone who gives talks on automotive-ish topics, I could be your girl as well, since I work in the Marketing department of the Daimler AG.