Katharina Seehuber

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"Katharina was giving so many ideas and links to further thought in only 45 minutes! I wish we'd had more time".
Female visitor of a coaching format during hercareer 2017, www.hercareer.de

Katharina is combining two very different professional worlds in her biography, but if you have a closer look they actually fit together very well. Her capability to simplify complex topics, influenced by her former career in education, make it very easy to follow her, her narration skills are entertaining and charming.

Already while studying education with a focus on German, history and politics Katharina happened to found a startup in the area of tourism. Her company is supporting airlines in selling unsold flight tickets short term before departure to spontaneous travelers by targeting the needs of a young, mobile and worldwide connected generation through a mobile-only concept. With her being CEO, Katharina is extending her expertise in the areas of founding, startups and their mentality, leadership and business development every day. At the same time she's naturally collecting a broad experience in the field of female entrepreneurship with all its positive and negative sides, getting to know structural influences and the peculiarity of being a female boss in a male business world.

Just a short while after the founding period, Katharina was also starting a PhD project in the field of Jewish history, supported by the scholarship of one of the most influential German foundations, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. Exemplifying the city of Munich, Katharina is conducting a macro- and microhistorical analysis on the emigration of German Jews during the Nazi period. This currently unique approach of statistical and biographical research is showing a variety of perspectives on the phenomenon of (forced) Jewish emigration.

In her spare time Katharina is volunteering as mentor and coach for students and young founders. She is also currently building up a women's network and supports a second one, intending to give female colleagues the support that she is still missing sometimes. For relaxation she turns to action sports: freeriding in the Bavarian alps in winter, kite surfing in summer.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

  • The Cahnmann family – Representative of possible emigration paths.


    In order to touch an audience and to be understandable, history needs to offer identification points. Microhistory as a historical method to zoom in to individual experiences and stories is fulfilling this exact task.
    In order to understand the situation that Jewish emigrants found themselves in before, during and after their emigration, the range of decision-making options and the different ways out need to be shown. The Cahnmann family is representing the variety of alternatives: Even though all of its members had similar starting points, their emigration paths turned out to be very different in all possible ways. Their example justifies the microhistorical turn that historians had recently taken - only by showing the details, the bigger picture becomes understandable to us.

    This talk is in: English
  • TravelCam TV

    Katharina Seehuber, Mitgründerin der App Let's Yalla, stellt diese vor und erklärt die Möglichkeiten, die der Nutzer damit hat.

    Kategorie: Reisen & Events

    This talk is in: German
  • Female Founders: Erlebnisse, Strukturen, Zukunftsaussichten.



    Auch 2017 noch gibt es viel zu wenig weibliche Gründer, Statistiken beweisen dies immer wieder aufs Neue. Es sieht so aus, als stünden wir noch ganz am Anfang eines langen Prozesses, um Frauen zum Gründen zu motivieren und die Strukturen und Arbeitswelten schaffen, die sie dabei unterstützen.
    Doch wo stehen wir eigentlich aktuell? Wie ist die Situation für Gründerinnen? Unsere Stipendiatin Katharina Seehuber, die selbst gegründet hat, berichtet in einem dialogorientierten Werkstattbericht über ihre Erfahrungen mit vorhandenen und fehlenden Strukturen, ihre Erlebnisse als weibliche Gründerin sowie ihre Meinung zu den Zukunftsperspektiven.

    This talk is in: German
  • Wer bin ich, und wenn ja: Wie mache ich das? Selbst- und Fremdbild im persönlichen und professionellen Kontext: Erkennen, beeinflussen, nutzen.


    Am Anfang neuer Phasen (Berufseinstieg, Gründung,…) finden wir uns in unbekannten Themen und überfordernden Situationen wieder, die uns mit der eigenen Unsicherheit konfrontieren. Kann ich leisten, was gerade verlangt wird? Im Meetup diskutieren wir einerseits über Wege, sein Selbstbild zu erkennen und das Wissen darüber bewusst zu nutzen, andererseits über das Fremdbild (Wie sehen Andere mich?) und seine Beeinflussbarkeit, um uns so gestärkt und selbstsicher neuen Aufgaben zuwenden zu können.

    This talk is in: German