Nadja Petranovskaja

Organisational Psychologist

Main focus: Shaping the future, with (A)I


Languages: German, English, Russian

City: Hamburg

State: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Topics: change management, future of work, ai, ai and society, ki, new world of work, vuca, ai and the future of work, ai marketing

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

Inspiring, activating and thought-provoking - that's what my keynotes are like. Online as on stage, everyone is involved and may even go home with a task that lingers long after the event.


My name is Nadja Petranovskaja, I am a creative and go-getting personality with a strong focus on the future. I love to travel and see possibilities in everything. People fascinate me by far more than tools or artificial intelligence.
As a psychologist, I see every person as unique and firmly believe that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential, even if they are different than most people. That's why I especially enjoy working with free spirits, rebels, and people who are different. They usually have creative and unconventional approaches to problem solving and I want to help them recognize their uniqueness as a strength.
As a mother of growing young people, I learn a lot about what our future needs. I am passionate about incorporating my knowledge into my keynotes, facilitation and my work as CEO of House of Lovelibelle.

YES, I stand for work that is fun.
YES, I stand for unconventionally conceived progress.
YES, I stand for a life full of unforgettable, self-created joy.
Because everything is possible.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

How to stay human in 21st century

What makes us human in the time of AI and digitalization?

This talk is in: Russian
Three secrets about change excellence

Was hat „Change Excellence“ mit einem Truthahn und der hungrigen Verwandtschaft zu tun und was macht Change eigentlich mit mir in der VUCA-Welt?

This talk is in: English
Muster brechen: Keynote auf PM Camp DACH in Dornbirn
Video Thumbnail

Impulsvortrag über Gewohnheiten, Muster, Zukunft und Glück.

This talk is in: German
Im Auge des Orkans: Gelassenheit für Projektmanager
Video Thumbnail

Aus fem PM Camp in Stuttgart: Warum ist es wichtig, gerade in den hektischen Zeiten einen kühlen Kopf zu behalten?

This talk is in: German
Happiness Management in Unternehmen
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This talk is in: German
Endlich Montag!

Keynote auf dem PM Camp in Hamburg zum Thema Motivation, Potenzial, Wahrnehmung und schöpferische Haltung.

This talk is in: German
Lazy Project Management (2011)

Erfahrungsbericht aus einem millionenschweren Projekt in der Industrie: Wie kann man mit weniger Druck, weniger Stress und Reporting trotzdem "in time & budget" arbeiten? Was sind die Erfahrungen mit Projektpolitik und welche Erfolgsfaktoren snd auf andere Projekte übertragbar?

Sinn, Unsinn und Chancen des Lebens (2012)
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Wir leben im 21. Jahrhundert - suchen wir noch nach dem richtigen Sinn? Leben wir unser Leben?

Mentale Stärke kann trainiert werden

In einem Fernsehformat mit 10 Prominenten steht Nadja Petranovskaja den Teilnehmern als professioneller psychologischer Live Coach zur Verfügung.

This talk is in: German