Sabine Froning

Main focus: politikmanagement

Languages: German, English, French

City: Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stockholm, Brüssel

Country: Germany

Topics: stakeholder engagement

Examples of previous talks / appearances:


Die Biomassebranche sieht sich Image-Herausforderungen gegenüber, die sich nicht durch die simple Verbreitung guter Nachrichten in Luft auflösen werden. Im Vortrag wird erläutert, warum das so ist, und wie die Branche damit umgehen sollte. Mehr dazu im Interview:

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What do future customers expect from district energy? And why you would want to know.

Presentation of the results of a "Community Scouting" survey for District Energy in the UK

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How District Heating can thrive and survive in the energy business of the future

Prezi presentation together with Ivo Banek, Managing Partner, Communication Works, on how to co-create future business in partnership with future customers.

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The Energy Union: what is in it for Europe's climate and energy future?

Panelist at the Almedalen Forum

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