Susann Bartels

Security Awareness Consultant | Trainer | Speaker

Main focus: Holistic Security & Awareness


Languages: German, English, French, Dutch

City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: women in tech, security education, security, security awareness, it security, cyber security, information security, human factor, psychological safety at workplace, insider threats, physical security

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

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Personal note:

Security in organizations is much more than just cyber security. While technology can enhance certain aspects of security, the majority of attacks target the human factor. Whether it’s a supposed handyman tampering with the server room, helpful employees divulging confidential information over the phone, or disgruntled staff selling business secrets to competitors, the best technical security measures are rendered useless without considering human behavior, needs, and capabilities. Security will always be incomplete without considering the human factor.

That’s why I am passionately committed to redefining and reshaping security in organizations. It’s time to think of and implement security in businesses and organizations in a holistic and human-centered way and to consciously live this approach in everyday work.

My mission is to support organizations in transforming their security culture, training leaders, and developing engaged, psychologically safe, and security-conscious teams.

I offer inspiring keynotes on cyber security, physical security, insider threats, as well as holistic and human-centered security. Additionally, I provide individualized consulting services, customized training sessions, and workshops to assist in the implementation and optimization of comprehensive information security awareness.


Gaining over nine years of invaluable experience, I've served as a project manager, consultant, and trainer for esteemed organizations, executing projects for renowned clients. My expertise spans across digital transformation, information security, cyber security, physical security, and instilling security awareness.

Having catered to large corporations, SMEs, associations, foundations, think tanks, and educational institutions, both domestically and internationally, I bring a wealth of diverse experience to the table. In addition, I am a certified business trainer, strategy consultant, project manager, information security officer, and cybersecurity awareness officer.

Since 2024, I've transitioned into a freelance role, offering consultancy, training, keynote speaking, and authorship, specializing in holistic information security awareness.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Homeoffice: Risiken digitaler Arbeitswelten minimieren

Das Homeoffice bringt viele Vorteile für die Arbeitnehmer:innen mit sich, birgt für die IT-Sicherheit und die Informationssicherheit jedoch auch ein erhöhtes Risiko. Hier gilt es die Mitarbeitenden besonders gut über potenzielle Gefahren zu informieren und den sicheren Umgang mit Firmendokumenten und -daten zu schulen, denn Informationssicherheit ist mehr als nur ein IT-Thema.

In diesem Webinar werden Sie sensibilisiert für:
- Umgang mit anderen Personen im Haushalt
- Sichere Handhabung von Firmendokumenten Firmendokumente sicher zu handhaben.
- Clean Desk
- IT-Sicherheit im Homeoffice
- Schutz Ihres Datenverkehrs

This talk is in: German