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Sabine Oertelt-Prigione
sex/gender-sensitive medicine
Janina Loh
critical posthumanism
Lena Donat
Rail, mobility, climate
Tina Ruseva
Purpose-driven entrepreneuersh
Magda Grünenwald
startup, new legal
Frances Engel (geb. Teuchert)
Journalism & Social Media
transfeminism and transmisogyny
Cornelia Werk
Natural Language Processing
Theresa Tran
XAI #insights #fairness #trust
Valentina Forini
Theoretical Physics, String Theory
Mariia Nashchanskaia
Design thinking
Lisa Rosa
Learning in the 21st century
Carola Lilienthal
Domain-Driven Design
Indra Kupferschmid
type and typography
Bettina Miserre
Change & Communications
Katrin Terwiel
(Mental) Health & Diversity
Peggy Sylopp
Hacking, Feminism and Art
Frederike Probert
Digital & Diversity
Linda Mohamed
supporting growth in companies
Yolanda Sylvana Rother
Antiracism, Democracy, Digital
Kerstin Pettenkofer
startegic sustainability
Judith Orland
Campaigns, Social Media
Erika Krizsan
Is it innovation necessery?